Drupal 7 is one of the most powerful content management platforms for building all kinds of websites.  Drupal 7 is a flexible and scalable framework that allows complete flexability with content, structure, and design.

Aqu8 has been installing, configuring, managing and supporting IBM Lotus Domino servers and IBM Notes environments for nearly 20 years. With that experience comes a passion for IBM Notes and Domino.  Although there are many options for businesses to chose for messaging and collaboration, we still believe that the IBM Notes and Domino platform is the most reliable and flexible solution today. 

With the latest release of IBM Notes and Domino, IBM Notes and Domino 9 Social Edition, you can expect the same versitile application development platform integrated with enterprise messaging and collaboration tools.  The IBM Notes and Domino community has never been so excited about a totally reworked and efficient UI with the capabilities that companies have learned to rely on for employee productivity.  

Agenda - another cool sidebar app

I was a bit distracted with a few projects but wanted to come back and talk about another cool sidebar app.  This one is called Agenda.  I'll tell you that sometimes I forget that it's there, but when I need it (like I did today) I am thankful for it.  Every morning I get to weed through all the alerts that came in over the night and have to find the important items within the mess.  

Reply Watcher Sidebar App

As I said I would be reviewing some of my favorite sidebar apps.  This is the second review of an app that I use every day as well and another by MayFlower Software and can be found on Just for Domino.  Reply Watcher is another app that makes my day a little bit easier.  I send a lot of email and many are critical to get a response to.

Symantec Email Security Cloud - Really?

Symantec just gave me a bad taste in my mouth

Canned Replies Sidebar App

I thought that I would start reviewing some of my favorite add-on's for IBM Notes and Domino.  Thought this one would be a perfect start!  This one is called Canned Replies and I use it every day and seriously cannot live without it now.  I work directly with MayFlower software, but I didn't write this but I do endorse it.  It's one of the sidebar applications that I personally cannot live without anymore.

Combating the CIO’s hate for Notes before he’s even hired

A blogger usually writes in brief.  So as I start our new blog I'll attach my thoughts on combating the CIO's hate for Lotus Notes and Domino. It started as a blog post I was writting then it was transformed into what I'd like to call an "off white paper."  It certainly serves it's purpose as such, identifying a problem and offering a solid solution; however, I think it will hit home pretty well with our fellow Notes guru's out there.   I have returned to it several times over the past few weeks to re-read and edit here and there.